Stretchy Thumbs

The content of this post is also covered in Episode 18 of my podcast with friends.

I am right-handed.

While I use either hand to use my iPhone, I tend to hold it in my right hand more often than not.

That makes using the back button challenging sometimes, depending on how I’m holding my phone. Exceptions to this, however, are apps like Feed Wrangler, which have a left-to-right pan gesture to perform the same operation as the back button.

Even in my iPhone 4S, I sometimes find reaching to the back button a little bit tough. I can only imagine how it would be on an iPhone 5. If I had an iPhone 5, I would imagine I’d leverage the left-to-right swipe on every app, if I could.

With iOS 7, Apple adds that gesture to the operating system.

This makes me wonder: is that a subtle means of making an “iPhone Plus" more palatable? By being able to go back–an operation iPhone users perform innumerable times daily–doesn’t require stretching one’s hand uncomfortably, does that make having a 4.5" or 5" iPhone easier?

I was a bit skeptical when we spoke about the iPhone Plus in March, but the more time goes by, the more the signs seem to be pointing that way.


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